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Construction Security

We offer the finest standing guard services at the best prices. We provide guards to discourage theft, vandalism, graffiti, loitering, and other unwanted activity for construction sites. Our guards are all highly professional, well-trained, and can be trusted us to fully protect your property.

Under construction Properties
Vacant Properties
Vacant Spaces
Our guards are highly trained for protecting you and your property.

Our most popular construction security service is construction site security guards, available either as static security guards or mobile security patrols that are available by the hour. We never use self-employed or sub-contracted security guards for construction sites or any other sector, we only provide full-time Magenta Security employees with names and faces that we trust 100%.

security guarding division provides peace of mind for owners of building sites, shopping centres, office blocks and wherever there is a need for security guard presence. We provide static guarding to a wide range of clients, including; private clients, corporate bodies, local authorities, government departments, councils, factories, business estates, construction companies, managing agents and many more.

All our operatives follow comprehensive assignment instructions, drafted and approved by clients. For example your requirements may include site security and static guards to protect your assets, or you may require a record of all vehicles and visitors to the premises. Whatever your requirements are, our staff are there to assist.

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